Workshop Eco-Mapping E-Commerce by at UX Copenhagen

Eco-Mapping e-Commerce

A user journey workshop for sustainable design impact


In this community workshop surrounding the 10th UX Copenhagen conference, Thorsten Jonas (Sustainable UX Network), Anna Rátkai (Kind Commerce), and I held a co-design event for local designers to experiment with sustainable user journey mapping.

  • How to integrate sustainability into user journey mapping.
  • Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for looking at sustainability in a holistic way.
  • Ideas for more sustainable e-commerce experiences that extend a designer’s impact to positively influence what happens before and after online shopping.

Participant Takeaways


A collage of snapshots from the workshop.

After a short presentation on sustainable journey maps, participants generated ideas for more sustainable e-commerce designs in groups.

They complied their finding on flipcharts that showed an e-commerce user journey with various aspects of sustainability.

The output of the groupwork was also shown during the UX Copenhagen conference.

A glimpse into the workshop content

A sample of the workshops slides used to introduce participants to the idea of sustainable journey mapping, and the e-commerce journeys we had prepared for them.

In the ideation stage, they were invited to think about how to include more sustainability along different dimensions into the purchase of clothing and tech gadgets.

An additional challenge for participants was to think about how designers working on an online shopping experience can also positively influence what happens before and after the purchase, for example in production and during product use and at end-of-life.

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