UX/UI Review

Get actionable insights to improve your product
—without hiring a UX designer.

  • Your product or prototype needs improvement, but you don’t know where to start?
  • You don’t have the resources to hire a UX or UI specialist at the moment?
  • You want to boost your product’s impact with a small investment?

I share my UX expertise.
Your team builds it.

“A revelation for our startup”

Stefanie’s UX/UI Review on our mobile app was a revelation for our ed-tech startup, not just a list of problems but a roadmap to improvement.

Lino Toran Jenner

Co-Founder & CTO DayOff

“Invaluable insights”

Stefanie’s thorough review not only aligned seamlessly with our business goals but also brought forth invaluable insights for optimizing conversion.

Frederik Menke

Team Lead Online, Plan International

Does your digital product fail to achieve its goals?

Your landing page fails to convert visitors into customers?

Get actionable insights to increase conversion rates with small improvements.

Too many customers are abandoning your checkout flow?

I will find the friction points that you can fix to reduce abandonment.

Your app has low sign-up rates and your users are leaving after a short time?

Get practical improvement suggestions for a better user experience in your onboarding flow.

Landing pages, checkout flows and onboarding flows are just a few examples of where a UX / UI review can help boost your product’s performance—I perform reviews on any part of your website, app, or software that you want to improve:

  • your live product
  • a prototype that’s still in development
  • even the designs of your user interface
    (e.g. Figma files)

If you’re unsure if the UX / UI review is right for you, book a free discovery call where we can discuss your goals and how I can help you best.

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Here’s how it works:

Premium insights to achieve your goal
— at an affordable price.

With a decade of experience in tech and product, I offer insights and advice that drive business results — not just pretty pixels.

In every package, the first step is to understand your business objectives — so I can prioritize improvements that help you get there.

By offering these streamlined packages, I can deliver maximum results in a short time at an affordable price.

Stefanie and another person sitting at a desk with a computer and discussing animatedly.

Packages & Pricing

All prices excluding VAT.


100 € 150€

Independent UI review of 3 product screenshots as a 20-min live recording

Best for clients who just need an outside opinion on their UI.


500 € 800€

Independent UX and UI review of your interactive product or prototype

2 video calls before and after the review plus recording

Best for clients who need direction on UI and UX improvements.


1.000 € 1.500€

Everything from Gold plus a written audit report and extended video call for questions & support

Best for client teams who lack UX expertise.

Client feedback

Here’s what clients love about the UX/UI Review:

  • Stefanie’s UX/UI Review on our mobile app was a revelation for our ed-tech startup, not just a list of problems but a roadmap to improvement. The detailed insights and suggested improvements have elevated our understanding of UX in profound ways and convinced of the necessity of incorporating design expertise into our development process. 

The review didn’t just go into design and usability, but also emphasized major accessibility improvements crucial for our target demographic—delivered in a candid but empathetic assessment. Moreover, the skillful prioritization of insights will help us focus our efforts where they matter most.

We highly recommend her services to any startup looking to improve the design and user experience of their product. When the time comes for us to expand our team and invest in design, Stefanie will undoubtedly be our first choice.

Lino Toran Jenner

Co-Founder & CTO DayOff

  • Working with Stefanie for our checkout flow was a game-changer. We’ve already started taking into account some of the actionable recommendations.

Nothing compares to having a fresh perspective from someone with Stefanie’s deep experience in usability, accessibility, and digital products.

Her thorough review not only aligned seamlessly with our business goals but also brought forth invaluable insights for making our website easy to navigate and more inclusive while optimizing conversion.

Frederik Menke

Team Lead Online, Plan International

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