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Find out how you can reThink your product development—for people, planet, and profit. I speak at meetups and conferences throughout central and northern Europe about Sustainable Digital Products, Responsible Tech, and Inclusive Design.

Whether tech, design, or product event—I’ll tailor my talk to your audience.

Stefanie giving a talk at the "Impulse" event series

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Watch 'reThinking Digital Products' on YouTube

reThinking Digital Products

An introductory talk about the impact of modern technology on different sustainability aspects with actionable tips for digital product builders.

Watch 'The Impact of Buzzing Technologies' on YouTube

The Impact of Buzzing Technologies

A closer look at the positive and negative impacts of current developments like blockchain, generative AI or virtual reality.

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Talks in German

Holy UX talk preview

How to Sell Sustainable UX

Strategies and arguments you can use to advocate for more sustainable UX practices with your clients, stakeholders, and team.

Watch 'Inclusive User Personas' on YouTube (in German)

How to make your personas more inclusive

Practical steps to to develop inclusive personas and how to incorporate them in your product development process.

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