How to Sell Sustainable UX

Sustainable UX is great, but …

You agree that Sustainable UX is a great thing?

You want to practice it in your daily work?

But you don’t know how to sell it?

Then you’re in the right place!

After giving and listening to many talks on Sustainable UX and digital sustainability in general, I’ve consistently encountered the same question: “But how do I convince my team, my product manager, my client of this?”

So I’ve set out to answer that question in a separate talk and in an eBook.

Watch the Talk

This is a German version of the talk “How to Sell Sustainable UX” given at the Holy UX meetup in April 2024 in Hamburg.

I’ll provide an English version asap.

Preview of Holy UX meetup
eBook preview "How to sell sustainable UX"

Download the free eBook

20+ pages of arguments and strategies to help you convince people to buy into your Sustainable UX initiative—whether it’s developers, product managers, or business people.

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