Hi, my name is

Stefanie Kruse

I am a Hamburg-based product designer with a passion for creating impactful and sustainable digital products. I believe in combining lean product management with sustainable UX design practices to create products that benefit everyone—businesses, users, and the planet.

Stefanie Kruse sitting at a desk smiling into the cmaera
Stefanie Kruse sitting at a desk smiling into the cmaera

I have worked for OTTO, MOIA, LichtBlick, Nitrobox, DayOff, and Plan International.

Multi-disciplinary product enthusiast
with 10+ years experience in tech

UX Design
UI Design
UX Research
Product Discovery
Business Models
Web Sustainability
Web Development

Let’s reThink product development.

I firmly believe that reThinking product development and shifting our focus from delivery to discovery, risk reduction, and holistic design, we can build those impactful and sustainable digital products that humanity and the planet deserve and that will serve a business even 10 years from now.

I am keen to work with dynamic and impact-driven organizations—from start-ups to corporates to NGOs. If you share my passion for creating impactful and sustainable digital products, I would love to work with you.

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million tons of CO2 emissions are caused by the internet every year.

That’s why we need to reThink our product development practices.

My Vision …

… is a world where we use our advancing technology not to the detriment of the planet but to support humanity in the endeavor of living sustainably for generations to come.

My Mission …

… is to create digital products that help businesses and consumers implement sustainable practices while reducing the negative impacts of these products and their creation.

My Values

#growth and #authenticity drive me, and I thrive in diverse teams that foster open discussions, smart failures, and innovative solutions for tangible results.

My journey to sustainable product design

After successfully managing products in a variety of industries and leading cross-functional product teams, I have refocused my career towards lean and sustainable product design to increase my impact.

My experience in product management has given me a deep understanding of the entire product development life-cycle, from concept to delivery, and has honed my skills in strategic planning, project management, and stakeholder collaboration. Now, as product designer, I leverage my diverse skill set to create innovative solutions that align with my sustainability-focused approach.





As a product manager, I've worked for OTTO, MOIA, LichtBlick, and Nitrobox.



Want me on your team?

I am currently available for freelance and contract work in the Hamburg area or remotely throughout the EU.

Whether you’re looking for a UX designer or want to chat about sustainable product development — feel free to reach out.

I’ll respond within 2 business days. You can also find me on LinkedIn or email me directly.

Or you can simply pick a spot on my calendar for a free call to discuss how I can support you best:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

You can find information on how your data is processed in my privacy policy.

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